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Breakfast Time || Gabriel & Selena

Looking down at her phone, Selena looked at the text message she got from Gabriel. His address, how did a queen bee like her end up caving to make a guy like him breakfast. She had to admit though, he was cute and smooth. She finished applying her make up and straightening her hair. She figured this would be a good time to see whether or not the guys life was going to be good here or horrible. Smirking to herself, Selena rubbed her lips together to rub in the lip gloss. 

Heading down the stairs, Selena shouted goodbye to her parents and headed out the door. Her brother was probably already out or sleeping in with his night last night. Him and tutor girl. She slightly shook her head at the thought and walked over to her sliver slug bug. She got into the car and started it up. She turned on her radio and drove off to Gabriel’s house.

It took Selena a while to find the house but she finally found it. Getting out of her car, Selena locked the door after she shut it. She looked at the house, it was a cute house. She smiled and walked towards the drive way than up the pathway. She didn’t want to walk through the grass, she didn’t want to be rude. She walked up to the door and knocked, sticking her key clicker in her back pocket, letting the keys dangle in the back and sliding her hands into her front pockets.

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    Looking over at him, Selena smirked. “No man has ever complained about me handling them.” She put her hand on her hip...
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    As she took him by the ear and dragged him further more into the kitchen, he kept repeating ”ow.” As he stood there, he...